The new CS rating system

The CS rating is an exclusive feature of Premier mode. It’s a precise display of your skill level that transparently measures your performance in CS2.

After winning 10 premier matches, you will earn your first CS rating, which is separate from your competitive matchmaking rank. The rating ranges from 0 to 35,000 ELO and is divided into 7 colors, with grey being the lowest and yellow being the highest. This means you are now able to see how close you are to ranking up or down.

CS2 ranks, CS rating premier mode

Premier leaderboards

Another exciting feature added to the CS rating is leaderboards. The leaderboards make it possible to see who’s the best on your friends list, in your region, and around the world. To be showcased on these leaderboards, you must have Prime status on your account and have the highest rating among the top 1,000 players. This is good because now everyone can gain global and regional recognition by ranking high enough on the leaderboards.

The leaderboards will be season based. Valve haven’t talked about how long one season is going to be. It’s going to be interesting to see what benefits the highest rating players will get at the end of each season.

What influence the CS rating

The amount of ELO you win or lose in a Premier match depends on the difference between your team’s total rating and your opponent’s total rating. You can see how much ELO you stand to win or lose before the match starts. If you play against a team with a higher rating, you will gain more ELO than if you play against players with a lower rating. Conversely, you will lose more ELO when defeated by a team with a lower rating.

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